Thursday, May 7, 2009

:: Thrilling Thursday CU Doodle Star Template............

My newest freebie, I hope you can find some use for this.
Doodle star template is really large.
Doodle is 300 ppi, and in PNG format.
You can use it to create embellishments, a frame, just whatever your heart desires.
This item is CU allowed.
Hugs, the Sunshiny Scrapper


Thursday, April 30, 2009

:: CU Doodle Border Templates-$5.99 ::

This is a beautiful set of 7 Doodle Border Templates.
You can use these doodle templates to border just about anything, including: your images, journaling, and previews. You can use them for many different things.
Each template is between 3 and 5 inches, sizes vary.
Each template is black for easy re-coloring.
Templates are 300 dpi and in PNG format, only.
Once payment and purchase is made, you will receive your zipped templates via email within 24 hours, so please be sure your email is current.
If you would like to purchase, click on the Paypal button below.
Huggles, the Sunshiny Scrapper

:: Thrilling Thusday CU Doole Freebie ::

Wow, I had so much FUN creating these for you! I recently purchased a Wacom Tablet to design with, and I am so loving it! Here is my newest commercial use freebie for you to use in your designs.
Doodles are 300 dpi and in PNG format.
I hope you can find some use for them.
I'm sorry I have missed a couple of weeks, I am trying
my best to stay on track, but I have been very busy.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.

Download the freebie here: DOODLES
Huggles, the Sunshiny Scrapper

Thursday, April 23, 2009

-Commercial Use TOU

Someone requested my terms of use.
-You may use my commercial use items in any form you would like for digital scrapbooking designs, layouts, banner design etc. You may not use them in the same form they are given to you in.
In other words, you can create anything you would like to sell, as long as you do not sell my freebies in original form.
I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please let me know.
Also, be looking for my new site to open soon.
Sunshiny Scrapper.Com
Hugs, the Sunshiny Scrapper, 2009.

Also, I am sorry I am backed up on offering freebies, but have had a lot of medical appointments, plus completing designs for my customers.
I'm also in the process of designing my new site.
I will get back to offering freebies as soon as I can.
Thank you for understanding.
I hope you liked my updated design.

Are you looking for a beautiful customized layout for your blog? I offer custom blog design for $25.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Blog Design..........

Okay, so I got really bored with my other design.
So, I played around tonight and created this one.
I hope you like it.
Hugs, the Sunshiny Scrapper

Monday, April 6, 2009

:: Thrilling Thursday CU Floral Photo Clipping Mask Freebie ::

Please forgive me for getting this out to you so late. My Birthday was the 1st, so was very busy. I've also been very busy filling orders. I'm in a floral mood lately, could be because I'm impatiently awaiting Spring....LOL
I hope you can use this, enjoy.
Mask is approximately 800 by 800 pixels.
PNG format, and 300 dpi.
Huggles, the Sunshiny Scrapper

If you have any problems downloading, just leave me a message :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

:: CU Thrilling Thursday Designer Photo Clipping Mask Volume 2 ::

My newest freebie for you. I'm addicted to creating clipping masks.
I'm working on my newest Volume. I hope you like this freebie, and
can use it in some of your layouts or designs.
Clipping Mask is 300 dpi, and in PNG format.
Sorry I'm late getting this posted.
Huggles, the Sunshiny Scrapper


Sorry the preview is so small, could not get photobucket to work and blogger resized it. Click on the preview to get a better idea of what it looks like.