Friday, July 11, 2008

-Scrap Kit Ideas?

Do you have some scrap kit themes you'd like to see added for
free and to our store?
If so, please leave your ideas by commenting to this post.
TY, the Sunshiny Scrapper

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Rockinmami80 said...

I have two awesome ideas that I have yet to see someone make & I would love to have! First. Im a Rock Chic. I have seen really good kits that are catered to people who like me, love music & rock. But I would loooove to see a dark purple & Black rock kit that Doesnt have the cutesie skulls. I cant stand them! lol. I want real hardcore skulls & crossbones and would love it to have frames with no ribbons.

Id love to see a RAIDERS themed scrapkit. With the new season coming up I think it would be awesome!