Wednesday, July 9, 2008

-Sizes for Digital Scrapbooking Items

When I first started trying to create digital scrapbook items,
I was so confused about sizes. This is what I learned with all my questions.
I thought this might be helpful to you newbies.

Size for Papers: Papers should always be created 12 by 12, for digi scrap purposes, and should be 300 dpi for better printing quality. However, if you are making papers for taggers, you can vary the size and make them smaller, also they only have to be created at 72 dpi. Papers should be saved in jpg format.

Sizes for embellishments: Embellishments should typically be at least 1/2 inch, 300 ppi, and 300 dpi. Breaking this down in pixels it would be approximately 150 by 150 pixels. If you wanted a 2 inch embellishment, it would be 600 by 600 pixels, and 300 dpi. Keep in mind, that your embellishment size should match the size of your papers, so they look realistic enough to match in size. [In other words, if you are making a paper clip, you want it to look approximately the size it would look if you were actually making a scrapbook page]. Again, if you are making embellishments for taggers, you can make them bigger or smaller, and they only need to be saved in 72 dpi. Embellishments should always be saved in png format, this allows your embellishment to remain on a transparent background when needed.

Sizes for Overlays: Overlays for papers should be 12 by 12, 300 dpi, black/whites/grays, and saved in png format.

Ribbon Sizes: Ribbons should be 17 inches high by as wide as you want your ribbon to be. Some of the typical sizes of ribbons include, but are not limited to: 1/4-inch (.25), 3/8-inch (.375), 1/2-inch (.5) and 5/8-inch (.625).

Sizes for Scrapbooking Page Templates: Sizes are typically created in: 12×12, 10×8 and 8.5×11. Templates are typically saved as png, 300 dpi, and are usually layered.

I’ll share more tips as I find them.

Huggles, the Sunshiny Scrapper

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